RECAP: Citrus Heights HART Winter Sanctuary Success!

Citrus Heights HART's 2018 Winter Sanctuary was a HUGE success. With the involvement of 10 faith based organization and 10 community groups, they were able to serve 69 homeless in the eight week program. In the previous year, they were able to serve 60.

For an accumulation of 55 straight nights, volunteers clocked in a total of 2,756 hours of helping hands. The intake site volunteers that assisted with checking in each guest and other services provided a total of 852 hours. Host Meal Prep and serving volunteers donated a total of 1,120 hours, night security a total of 672 hours and bus transportation volunteering clocking in at 112 hours. 

This year, the Citrus Heights HART implemented an Awareness Starter Kit that was provided to each of the guests, the kit contained the following:

1. Crisis Center information for Victims and Survivors of Domestic Violence, provided by A Community for Peace. 
2. Information offerings for individuals and families that are affected by mental illnesses, provided by NAMI.
3. Safe Protective and mental health awareness services, provided jointly by TLCS and TURNING POINT.
4. Information and flyers from Alcoholics Anonymous and the Narcotics Anonymous groups. 
5. Health Care information and services, provided by Elica. 
6. ID Card access information, provided by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. 
7. Social Security Insurance and EBT availability. 
8. Current job search information, and job skills training provided by Sacramento Works. 
9. A cumulative list of local Food Banks, Food Closets, local Lunch and Dinner locations. 
10. Free showers availability information (M-F | 9 AM to 12 PM), provided by Gathering Inn. 
11. Information about unlimited free clothing washes (2nd Saturday, Monthly | 8 AM to 11 AM), provided by Paradise Coin Wash. 
12. All Day Bus Passes.

Not only was this a huge success in reaching more people and providing more services than last year, our Citrus Heights HART Navigator Toni Morgan was a tremendous asset. With her and our volunteers support, four individuals were entered into drug and mental rehabilitation centers. Along with the services above, Toni set up every Tuesday morning at Sacramento Works to discuss specific needs, job awareness and training, and setting individual goals with guests who expressed interest. 

As of now, 4 are currently employed, or set up for employment in the the coming weeks, and 6 individuals are off the streets. 

In all, it was a very successful year for Citrus Heights HART during the freezing winter months!