Standdown 2017

Citrus Heights HART is in the preparations of their third annual Standdown for 2018! Missed 2017? Here's what you should know:

Citrus Heights HART's second annual Standdown event took place on April 18th, 2017 at Holy Family Church in Citrus Heights. Patron and sponsors donations helped HART to assist 89 veterans and their 68 guests.  Additionally, services were provided to 12 pets.  A whopping 128 volunteers and 57 vendors worked hard in unison that day to ensure that each veteran received personalized attention.  

Totaled 89 Veterans whom signed in at the entry doors, and with them an additional 68 guests. Approximately 78 veterans completed both In-Process Forms and Cal Vet Forms! In addition not only the Veterans and guests were cared for, their pets were too. Introductions and opening ceremonies were followed by breakfast and lunch. It was a full day of care for Veterans. 

All guests received a variety of services included Cal-Vet, VA and Social Security benefit assistance, employment and housing counseling, dental, medical and mental health, pet care services and supplies, haircuts, showers and clothing, legal, suicide prevention and substance abuse counselling.   All veterans were served a pancake breakfast and Chick-Fil-A provided them with a delicious lunch. 

The Sunrise Mall, The Sunrise Marketplace, Sue Frost, County Supervisor, The City of Citrus Heights, Holy Family Catholic Church, U.S. American Legion, USA, Department of Veteran Affairs, Sacramento Helping Veteran's Stand Down, Yuba-Sutter Stand Down, The Way Ministries, Republic Services, Mesa Verde High School, Bradshaw Animal Shelter - Sacramento County, Sacramento Self-Help Housing, EzEvents

If you are interested in volunteering or being a sponsor for 2018, click here.